The 100 Greatest Albums I Can’t Remember #2

Stardate: February, 2008. Hard to believe the hellhole we’d thoughtlessly dug for our grandchildren before this little baby set us back on course. Thanks, Lenny.

It Is Time For A Love Revolution

Lenny Kravitz


The Kravitz solution is so simple you wonder why some daft potheads didn’t think of it in the ’60s. “It’s time to get radical,” he says, “and combat the evil in this world with love.” You think he’s all talk? Dude, he rhymes “love revolution” with “new constitution” here, so you can imagine the panic in the Whitehouse.

He sees through the Iraq thing, too. Back In Vietnam draws a parallel as watertight and considered as his assertion that he “don’t need no politicians” cause he got Love, Love, Love. Says he don’t need no TV, or movie stars, or private planes, or air-con, or any of the other things that make him so obscenely comfortable either.

Spectacular dumbness aside, Kravitz’s weapons of mass seduction are as sound as ever: ultra-dry riff-rockers and pounding piano soul ballads; Stonesy funk in Dancin’ Til Dawn and primal anguish in A Long And Sad Goodbye, which switches John Lennon’s “Mother!” for “Papa!” If he’d stop being such an earnest Ernie, Kravitz might own up to what his records make abundantly clear: it’s only rock’n’roll and he likes it.

Michael Dwyer


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